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Viridi is a character in Kid Icarus: Uprising, and a recurring character in Uprisen.


Viridi has been seen in Uprisen only five times so far: At one of Dark Pit's old birthday parties, in the Captain America Civil War fan art, twice in the X-Men Apocalypse fan art, and in the one year anniversary comic. She may appear more in the future, though.



Viridi sees Pit as a friend, but will fight him if necessary.

Dark Pit

Dark Pit currently works for Viridi, and their shared irritating behavior makes them get along well.


Viridi and Palutena are friends.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

049 The Big Day - Part 3

053 Uprisen x Captain America Civil War (As Black Panther)

054 Uprisen x X-Men Apocalypse (As Storm)

058 More X-Men Apocalypse Art (As Storm)

068 1 Year of Uprisen!