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Uprisen (2015-present)

Uprisen is a webcomic created by Vinyl Comics in the Summer of 2015. It displays the worlds of popular video game series such as Kid Icarus and The Legend of Zelda. It currently runs on Comic Fury.

Uprisen Miiverse (2015)Edit

Uprisen originally ran on the Nintendo social network Miiverse from May 27, 2015 to July 6, 2015. It totaled around 20 comics. It eventually moved to Comic Fury on July 6, 2015 after the creator decided to reach out to a larger audience. You can still view the Uprisen Miiverse comics on GamerGuy12's Miiverse account.

Uprisen Comic Fury (2015-present)Edit

Uprisen began updating on Comic Fury on July 6, 2015. It currently updates on a weekly basis each Sunday. It has a 4.71/5 rating based on 7 votes.