The Trial is an Uprisen storyline that was teased on July 10th, 2015 and November 8th, 2015, that ran from November 15th, 2015, to December 13th, 2015. It contained 4 comics, though if you include the previous teases for the story, than it contains 6 comics.


Once, when Link was out exploring Hyrule, he came across an Octorok, but before he could attack it, the Octorok called his lawyer, Phoenix Wright, who sued Link for aggravated assault. Link's trial was temporarily put on hold for a few months, while Link was forced to endure his parole officer, Navi. When the trial resumed, Link, who was defending himself, was about to be sentenced to prison for life by a jury consisting of a Buzz Blob, one of the Cuccos, and Cloud Strife, when suddenly, Maria entered the court. Before presenting her case for Link, Maria proved her credibility as a lawyer by revealing she was taught by Phoenix Wright himself. Maria then provided evidence that the Octorok was in fact, a criminal of the law. The judge sentenced the Octorok to pay off his crimes by working as Link's servant.



The Octorok


One of the Cuccos

Phoenix Wright (cameo/mentioned)

The Judge

Pit (cameo)

Navi (cameo)


This is the second major Uprisen storyline, after First Date.

This is the first storyline to feature Maria and the Octorok.

As of this storyline, the Octorok is Link's servant.

The story was originally just an early Uprisen comic, but the idea was later turned into a storyline.

The story was briefly interrupted on November 29 for a Thanksgiving comic.