The Pokéning is the sixth main Uprisen storyline, and the seventh storyline total. It started on September 4, 2016 and is currently running.


The story begins with Serena attempting to receive her first badge- the Bug Badge. She starts a battle against Viola the Gym Leader- only to fail miserably. As she tries to recover afterwards, Red offers to teach her how to become a better trainer. Serena grudgingly accepts his offer. She shows him her team- a Fennekin, a Scatterbug, a Magikarp, and surprisingly, a Regigigas she received in a wonder trade. It is shown that James of Team Rocket is spying on the pair, for unknown reasons. Red coaches Serena, who ends up catching a Ditto, with whom she falls in love with. Red is about to leave when James attacks them, revealing that he seeks revenge for Red inadvertently putting James's partner into a coma. James is about to destroy them, when Serena's Pokémon distract and defeat James. The story ends with Serena finally earning her first gym badge.





Serena's Pokémon Team

James's Pokémon Team

Viola (cameo)


The Pokéning is the sixth main Uprisen storyline, after First Date, The Trial, Love Triforce, The Big Day, and The Eviction.

The Pokéning is a Halloween special.

The title is a reference to The Shining.

The story will give Serena some big character development, and will have a darker tone than past Uprisen storylines.