The Eviction is the fifth main Uprisen storyline, and the sixth Uprisen storyline total. It ran from June 27, 2016 to July 16, 2016. It contained 7 comics.


Palutena was tired of constantly getting bothered by the two people living in her house: Dark Pit and Maria. She decided to enlist the help of Pit, Samus, Calem, Link, and Red to help her kick them out. Calem suggested charging them rent, but Palutena ordered him to leave. Pit suggested finding a new place for them to stay at, and suggested asking Tom Nook. Nook's intimidating demeanor drove Palutena out. She then bribed Mimi to convince Dark Pit to move into the house next door. Palutena then had a long talk with Maria, in which Maria revealed she was meaning to leave for a while, and was now ready to head out on an adventure. After she left, Dark Pit returned, as someone bought the house before he could. In an epilogue, Maria is seen visiting someone she hadn't seen in many years- her sister.



Dark Pit




Samus (cameo)

Calem (cameo)

Link (cameo)

Red (cameo)

Tom Nook (cameo)

Lillian (cameo)


This is the fifth main Uprisen storyline, after First Date, The Trial, Love Triforce, and The Big Day.

This story officially confirms that Dark Pit and Maria live in Palutena's House.

The ending of this story partially sets up the Super Maria Sisters story.

The epilogue is the first official appearance of Maria's sister Lillian (She made a cameo in the Civil War art).