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One of the Cuccos

The Cuccos are fierce chickens who act as common foes in The Legend of Zelda franchise, and act as occasional antagonists in Uprisen.


The Cuccos first appeared in Uprisen when a tornado, sparked by Cyclos and Zephos of The Wind Waker, picked them up and launched them all over Hyrule, hurting Link, who dubbed it a "Cuccnado." Link then made a film based off the very true event, raking in millions. One of the Cuccos acted as a member of the jury in The Trial, almost sending Link to prison, if Maria hadn't show up. Later, the Cuccos launched themselves at Link from slingshots, which inspires Dark Pit to make the game, Angry Cuccos, once again raking in millions. Link later filmed a sequel to Cuccnado, Cuccnado 2: The Beakening. He showed a trailer of the movie to a test audience of Cuccos, who promptly attacked Link afterwards.



The Cuccos hate Link, due to years of torment received by him, as he didn't perceive them as a threat. How wrong he was.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

006 Cuccnado

011 Free Pizza

024 The Trial - Part 1

062 Angry Cuccos

068 1 Year of Uprisen!

074 Cuccnado 2: The Beakening