The Big Day is the fourth main Uprisen storyline, and the fifth Uprisen storyline in total. It ran from April 10th, 2016 until June 1st, 2016. The comic went on a brief hiatus midway through the storyline from May 8th until May 29th. The story consists of 9 comics.


The story begins in Palutena's House, where Serena is seen standing amidst total chaos. As Dark Pit blasts lasers throughout the room, Serena wonders how this day could have gone so wrong. We then return to the present, where Palutena reveals to Serena that it was technically Dark Pit's "birthday". Dark Pit has always naturally hated his birthday, and attempts to throw a party for him have always failed. Serena takes it upon herself to plan a party for him so good, that even he couldn't hate it. She enlists the help of her friend and fellow Pokémon Trainer, Calem, to plan the party. Meanwhile, Palutena takes Dark Pit to an F-Zero convention, where he meets Mimi, a shape-shifter who also loves F-Zero. They begin to fall in love with each other. After Palutena and Dark Pit return home, they find that the party was a total disaster, but Dark Pit loved it anyway, because he found the parties boring, but destroying them fun. The story ends with Serena stuck cleaning up the mess left at Palutena's House.



Dark Pit




Pit (cameo)

Viridi (cameo)


This is the fourth main Uprisen storyline, after First Date, The Trial, and Love Triforce.

This storyline introduces three new characters: Calem, Viridi, and Mimi.

This is the first storyline to feature Palutena.

The story was briefly interrupted by comics containing art of Uprisen characters in the movies Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse.