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Serena is the main female hero of Pokémon X and Y, and a main character in Uprisen.


Serena is a new Pokémon Trainer, who was awed to meet the legendary Red. However, she was annoyed by his constant affection to her, as she did not like him that way. She eventually befriended Red's old Smashing buddies, Pit, Link, and Samus, as well as Pit's clone Dark Pit, the goddess Palutena, and the fangirl Maria. On Pit and Samus's first date, Serena and Link spied on them disguised as the waiter and chef, respectively. Unfortunately, Link started a fire in the kitchen, which couldn't be put out. Surprisingly, this removed the awkward tension that had been plaguing the date, resulting in Pit and Samus becoming a couple. After meeting Link, Serena began to feel romantically inclined towards him (ironically mimicking Red's feelings for her) and wrote notes to him as a "secret admirer." After Christmas, Link had Maria do a DNA sample on the lock of Serena's hair left on one of her notes, leading him straight to her. Meanwhile, Red had just proposed to Serena, which she immediately declined. Link then confronted her about the notes, saying he was too old for her, and rejected her love for him. Serena ran off crying, and spent some time healing. After she felt better, she began having lunch with Palutena, when one day, she noticed Dark Pit acting extra angry. Palutena told Serena that today was his birthday, which he despised for many reasons. Serena was upset, as she felt no one should be unhappy on their birthday, so she enlisted her pal, fellow Pokémon Trainer Calem, to throw a surprise party for Dark Pit, while Palutena took him to an F-Zero convention to distract him. Unfortunately, the party was a mess, but Dark Pit loved it anyway, and Serena gave him the first happy birthday he'd had his entire life. However, Palutena still made her clean her house after the party. Serena has recently been seen complaining about Pokémon Go.




Foxy the Fennekin

Flutter the Scatterbug

Namor the Magikarp

Reggie the Regigigas

Doppel the Ditto



Serena sees Red as her hero, but not in a romantic way. Unfortunately for her, he has feelings for her, although they are starting to die down.


Serena has massive romantic feelings for Link, similarly to Red's feelings of her, but Link is too old for her, and doesn't return her feelings.


Palutena is a motherly figure to Serena.

Pit, Dark Pit, Samus, and Maria

Serena is friends with all four of these characters.


Calem is Serena's best friend, and they throw awesome parties together.

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