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Samus is the main character of the Metroid franchise. She is a main character in Uprisen and Pit's girlfriend.


Samus was first seen fighting Pit. When he saw her, he fell in love and gave her a Lip's Stick as a show of affection. Later, she accepted his invitation to dinner, and they are now dating.



When Samus first met Pit, she thought he was cute. Soon, they went out on their first date. They have been dating since.


Samus and Link are close friends, and have a brotherly/sisterly bond.


Samus and Maria are pretty good friends.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

004 Lip's (Love) Stick

011 Free Pizza

012 First Date - Part 1

014 First Date - Part 2

015 First Date - Part 3

016 First Date - Part 4

017 First Date - Part 5

018 First Date - Part 6

022 Halloween 2015 (As Sabine)

029 The Remorse Awakens (As Leia)

030 Christmas 2015

039 Love Triforce - Part 8

041 An Ironic Music Choice

044 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Icarus (As Wonder Woman)

045 A Freaky Day

053 Uprisen x Captain America: Civil War (As Black Widow)

054 Uprisen x X-Men Apocalypse (As Psylocke)

059 Laws of Gravity

066 The Eviction - Part 2

068 1 Year of Uprisen!

076 The Smash Olympics

078 Sick Weekend