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Pit is the hero of the Kid Icarus franchise. He is also the main character of Uprisen. He is an angel from Skyworld, and acts as Palutena's bodyguard. He is also currently dating Samus.


Pit is an angel from Skyworld who joined the Smash Bros. in its third outing. He also has a clone, Dark Pit (or Pittoo) who joined the Smash Bros. in its fourth outing. On Dark Pit's first day of smashing, Pit defeated him by reflecting his laser back at him with his orbitars. A few days later, Pit met Samus. It was the first time he had seen her without her Power Suit on. He fell in love, and conceded the match to her, giving her a Lip's Stick as a show of affection. A week later, they went on their first date, and had a good time. They officially began dating. On Valentine's Day, Dark Pit, Link, and Red trashed Pit's house as a prank. He later helped Palutena in kicking out freeloaders Dark Pit and Maria.



Pit and Link have known each other for many years. In fact, Link helped get Pit into Smash Bros. They are very close friends, although Link sometimes pranks him.

Dark Pit

Pit and Dark Pit have a close rivalry. Dark Pit constantly annoys and irritates Pit. However, Dark Pit is the closest thing Pit has to a brother, and they occasionally enjoy each other's company.


Pit and Samus love each other. Before Pit saw Samus in her Zero Suit, he never thought much about her. They are currently dating.


Palutena and Pit are close friends. She can be irritating sometimes, but they get along most of the time.


Pit and Red are friends. They met in Smash Bros, but after Red was fired, he became slightly whiny. They occasionally hang out.

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