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Palutena is the Goddess of Light, and a main character in both the Kid Icarus franchise and Uprisen.


Palutena first appeared when she treated the stressed members of the Uprisen cast to a pizza lunch. She later provided room and board to Maria, who was homeless at the time. On Dark Pit's birthday, Palutena took him to an F-Zero convention, where he met his future girlfriend, Mimi. She allowed Serena to use her house for Dark Pit's birthday party, but Serena inadvertently created a giant mess, which Palutena forced her to clean up. Eventually, Palutena was tired of having Dark Pit and Maria live in her house, so she tried to kick them out. After failed ideas from Pit, Link, Red, Samus, and Calem, Palutena had Mimi convince Dark Pit to buy the house next to hers, so he left Palutena's house. Palutena later had a talk with Maria, asking her to leave nicely. Fortunately, Maria was going to leave anyway, and left shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, Dark Pit moved back in with Palutena after someone bought the house next to Mimi's before he could.



Palutena is a motherly figure to Pit, as she always wants the best for him.

Dark Pit

Like most people, Palutena is annoyed by Dark Pit. However, she also has a motherly relationship with him.


Palutena and Maria are good friends.


Palutena and Serena have become very close friends, and regularly have lunch together.


She hates Calem. Enough said!

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