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The Octorok

The Octorok is a common enemy in The Legend of Zelda franchise, and one of them is a recurring character in Uprisen.


One day while Link was trekking through Hyrule, he spotted an Octorok, which he attempted to slay. Unfortunately, it called its lawyer, and Link was sent to court. Link's lawyer Maria was able to win the trial for Link, after revealing the Octorok's criminal past. The Octorok now serves community service as Link's servant.



The Octorok hates Link, but has grown attached to him after becoming his servant.


The Octorok also hates Maria for revealing his criminal record.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

002 Octorok Investigations

024 The Trial - Part 1

025 The Trial - Part 2

027 The Trial - Part 3

028 The Trial - Part 4

029 The Remorse Awakens (As Yoda)

068 1 Year of Uprisen!