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Mimi is a shape-shifter, acts as one of the villains of the game Super Paper Mario, and is a main character in Uprisen.


After quitting Count Bleck's army, Mimi got a job as a maid, hoping to meet cute boys. One day while at an F-Zero convention, her wish came true when she met Dark Pit, who she became smitten with. Soon after, they started pranking people, such as Pit at the beach, and began to date. Palutena bribed her in The Eviction to convince Dark Pit to move next door to her. However, someone beat Dark Pit to the house sale, so he moved back in with Palutena.


Dark Pit

Mimi loves Dark Pit, as they both find joy in other people's misfortune. He loves her back as well.


Mimi will do anything for Palutena- if she gets a good enough bribe.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

052 The Big Day - Part 6

053 Uprisen x Captain America Civil War (As Scarlet Witch)

054 Uprisen x X-Men Apocalypse (As Mystique/Raven)

068 1 Year of Uprisen!

069 The Eviction - Part 4