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Maria is a fan-made character. She is a Japanese fangirl obsessed with the Mario franchise, among other fandoms. She is a main character in Uprisen, and the true protagonist of the comic.


Maria is a fangirl obsessed with the Mario series. It was the first video game she ever played. Unfortunately, she wasted her life savings on Mario memorabilia, and was forced into poverty. She eventually was taken in by Palutena and Dark Pit. She later acted as Link's lawyer in the case of Mr. Octorok vs. Link. She also helped Link track down his secret admirer by tracing the DNA sample on the note. Eventually, Palutena needed to her to leave. Fortunately, Maria needed to leave anyway. She left on an unknown agenda, and no one has seen her since...



Maria and Palutena are close friends.

Dark Pit

Maria is actually not that annoyed by Dark Pit, finding his actions funny.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

021 An Unhealthy Obsession

022 Halloween 2015 (As Captain Marvel)

024 The Trial - Part 1

025 The Trial - Part 2

027 The Trial - Part 3

028 The Trial - Part 4

029 The Remorse Awakens (As Rey)

033 Love Triforce - Part 2

036 Love Triforce - Part 5

041 An Ironic Music Choice

042 Depression

053 Uprisen x Captain America: Civil War (As Captain America)

065 The Eviction - Part 1

066 The Eviction - Part 2

068 1 Year of Uprisen!

070 The Eviction - Part 5

071 The Eviction - Part 6

072 The Eviction - Epilogue