Love Triforce is the third main Uprisen storyline, and the fourth Uprisen storyline in total. It was briefly teased on December 27, 2015, and a cover was released on Jan 3, 2016. The story ran from Jan 10, 2016 to February 15, 2016. It consists of 8 comics, 10 including the tease and cover.


On Christmas Day 2015, Link discovered a mountain of presents for him. On those presents was a note claiming the gifts were from a "secret admirer." Link was ecstatic for a few days, but then set out to find out who she was, with help from Maria. Meanwhile, Red approaches Serena to ask her an important question. Blinded by love, Red proposes marriage to Serena, who is so shocked and upset that she pukes afterwards. After she turns Red down, she is approached by Link, who reveals he knows she is his secret admirer. Maria ran DNA samples on a lock of hair found on the secret admirer note, and it was revealed to be Serena. Serena tries to deny her feeling for him, but eventually admits it, and runs off. Afterwards, Red and Link contemplate the heartbreak that had happened that day, and were very upset to see things between Pit and his girlfriend, Samus going extremely well. Later that night, Red, Link, and Dark Pit vandalized Pit's house for fun.






Pit (cameo)

Dark Pit (cameo)

Samus (cameo)


This is the third main Uprisen storyline, after First Date and The Trial.

This is a Valentine's Day special.

The title is a reference to love triangles, and the Triforce of the Zelda games.

It is revealed that Serena has a secret crush on Link.

Red begins to move past his crush on Serena after this storyline.

Comics 042 (Depression), 063 (E3 2016: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), and 080 (The Pokéning - Part 2) reference this storyline.