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Link is the main hero of The Legend of Zelda franchise. He is one of the main characters of Uprisen.


Link first appeared after the outcome of Dark Pit's fight with Pit, with Link standing on their podium, having gotten third place. He was later sued by an Octorok for assault. He ended up being declared "not guilty" thanks to his lawyer, Maria. The Octorok, who was found guilty of additional charges, was forced to work off his sentence by working for Link. Link once had a run-in with a "Cuccnado," which later inspired him to make movies about that. He received notes from a secret admirer at Christmas, whom he spent two months tracking down. It ended up being Serena, who was way too young for him. He, Red, and Dark Pit trashed Pit's house on Valentine's Day because Pit was the only one in their group who hadn't had a horrible Valentine's Day, and they were jealous. After a band of Cuccos launched themselves at Link from a slingshot, Dark Pit designed a popular video game after the experience. Link later changed up his look, but Serena stole his hat. He offered his help to Palutena to evict Dark Pit and Maria, but she declined.



Pit and Link are best friends, and have known each other for many years.


Link and Samus are close friends and have a brotherly/sisterly relationship.

Dark Pit

Dark Pit annoys Link, though he really doesn't mind that much.


Link and Palutena are good friends.


Link and Maria are very close friends, as Maria has helped Link a lot in the past (see The Trial and Love Triforce for further information).


Serena has a crush on Link, which he doesn't like, as he is much older than her. She is still heartbroken over his rejection.


Link and Red are really great friends.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

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