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James is an agent of Team Rocket, the villainous organization from the Pokémon franchise. He is a main character and antagonist in Uprisen.


James is a member of Team Rocket. He and his partner, Jessie, were constant thorns in the side of Red for many years. One day, Red inadvertently put Jessie into a coma after he defeated them, and James has held a grudge ever since. While Red was training Serena, James attacked them, to exact vengeance for Jessie. However, Serena's Pokémon Team managed to defeat James and his Pokémon.


James's Weezing

James's Victreebel



James hates Red, and wants to see him suffer.


James loves his partner, is heartbroken over her comatose state.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

082 The Pokéning - Part 4

085 The Pokéning - Part 7

086 The Pokéning - Part 8