First Date is the first main Uprisen storyline. It ran from August 23, 2015 to September 27, 2015. It contained a total of 6 comics.


Several days after Pit had fell in love with Samus, he decided that he was going to ask her out. However, he had trouble asking her, as he was nervous. They eventually went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, where Serena and Link posed as the waiter and chef, respectively, in order to spy on the couple. Unfortunately, Link burned down the restaurant, but inadvertently caused Pit and Samus to forget all of the nervousness keeping them from dating. As they left the restaurant, Samus kissed Pit frequently, before heading off to play some Super Smash Bros.






Red (Cameo)

Dark Pit (Cameo)


This is the first main Uprisen storyline, and the second Uprisen storyline, after F-Pittoo.

Dark Pit and Red make cameos in Parts 2 and 6, respectively.

Palutena does not appear in this storyline.

After this storyline, Pit and Samus begin to officially date.