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Dark Pit

Dark Pit, also known as Pittoo, is a supporting character in the Kid Icarus franchise, and a main character in Uprisen. He is a clone of Pit, and very vexing.


On his first day of Smash Bros, Pit showed Dark Pit no mercy. Dark Pit eventually grew stronger, able to beat Pit. He soon discovered the joys of F-Zero races, and became obsessed with it. On his birthday, a day when he was always mad, Serena threw him a party. The party was a wreck, but it was so bad, he loved it. He also met a girl named Mimi, who shared his love of F-Zero, and they began dating. He briefly moved out of Palutena's House so he could live next to Mimi, but someone else bought the house before he could, so he moved back into Palutena's House.



Dark Pit is constantly annoying and irritating Pit, but they do occasionally have good moments together.


Dark Pit and Link are pretty good friends.


She also finds Dark Pit annoying, and usually tries to get rid of him.

Uprisen ApearancesEdit

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