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The Main Cast of Uprisen, from left to right: Link, Red, Samus, Pit, Dark Pit, Mimi, Serena, Navi, Maria, Lucina, and James; not pictured: Palutena, Calem, and Viridi.

Characters are the people who make up the Uprisen comic. Most characters are video game character owned by other companies, though there are a few exceptions.

Main CastEdit

Pit (001-present)

Dark Pit (001-present)

Link (001-present)

Samus (004-present)

Red (010-present)

Serena (010-present)

Palutena (011-present)

Maria (021-present)

Navi (023-present)

Mimi (052-present)

James (082-present)

Lucina (100-present)

Recurring CastEdit

Octorok (002-present)

The Cuccos (006-present)

Viridi (049-present)

Calem (050-present)



Maria's Sister (072-present)

Guest CastEdit

Phoenix Wright (002)

Yoshi (003)

Inklings (003)

Cyclos (006)

Zephos (006)

Cloud Strife (024)

Tom Nook (067)

Viola (079)