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Calem is the main male hero in Pokémon X and Y, and a recurring character in Uprisen.


Calem and Serena lived next door to each other for years. They parted ways after starting their Pokémon adventures. Serena calls him up for the first time in a while to help plan Dark Pit's birthday party. The party ends up being a disaster, but Dark Pit loved it anyway. Calem tried helping Palutena in The Eviction by suggesting the really smart idea to charge rent to Dark Pit and Maria, but Palutena angrily kicked him out. He is also really into Pokémon Go, angering Serena.



Serena and Calem are best friends, and would do anything for each other. They have no romantic feelings for each other.


Calem sees Palutena as a control freak, and doesn't like hanging around her.


Calem idolizes Red, seeing him as his hero and role model.

Uprisen AppearancesEdit

050 The Big Day - Part 4

051 The Big Day - Part 5

053 Uprisen x Captain America Civil War (As War Machine)

054 Uprisen x X-Men Apocalypse (As Cyclops)

058 Uprisen x X-Men Apocalypse (As Cyclops)

066 The Eviction - Part 2

068 1 Year of Uprisen!

073 Pokémon No